About Us

About the Atlanta Preparatory Academy

School Program:Kindergarten-6th grade in 2010-2011. We will be adding one grade level every subsequent year (7th grade in 2011-2012, 8th grade in 2012-13, etc.) up to the 8th grade.

Educational Program: Atlanta Preparatory Academy is a school of choice open to all students residing in the Atlanta Public Schools district. The school will incorporate a core curriculum with the Paragon Curriculum and a magnet-like Arts and Technology focus that links core learning with multiple learning styles. Core curriculum includes top rated, phonics-based Open Court Reading, SRA Math (the nation’s top-rated math program), Harcourt Brace Science, and Spanish. Paragon is a proprietary social studies/history/geography program that incorporates literature, drama, art, music, and technology. Paragon engages students with hands-on exploration and reinforces core morning classes by addressing varying student learning styles. Atlanta Preparatory Academy will work together with parents, involving them in the education of their children and forming a partnership aimed at increasing each child’s academic achievement.

Unique Program Aspects (In addition to meeting or exceeding all state and federal standards):

  1. 200-day school year and full-day Kindergarten with no fees
  2. Uniform dress code and strong student behavior code of civility
  3. Personalized Student Achievement Plans for every student establishes annual learning goals and programs to help achieve those goals
  4. Instructional grouping allows individual children to be grouped every 10 weeks with peers at the same instructional level. This assures that children are continuously growing academically and are appropriately challenged so they neither become bored nor overwhelmed
  5. Parental involvement required
  6. Pre- and post-testing each fall and spring to measure “what students know” and also to measure “how much students have learned” during the year
  7. Longer school day (8:00 AM to 3:00 PM). This, along with the longer year, provides 2 years additional learning time during the first 6 years in the school
  8. Multiple assessments including Dibels, A+, ITBS and CRCT
  9. Spanish education for all students and all grade levels
  10. Intergenerational programs integrating senior citizens’ experiences in the classroom
  11. Full-time teaching coach provides daily professional development
  12. World-class, research-based curriculum
  13. “Looping” whereby the student stays with the same teacher for 2-3 years
  14. Educational assistants support Kindergarten and first grade classes
  15. Technology integrated into each classroom with a 1:3 computer-student ratio
  16. Before and after school programs provided by teaching staff – 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  17. “Paragon Night” held every 5 weeks for students to demonstrate their learning accomplishments to their parents and community
  18. Annual “customer satisfaction” surveys of parents
  19. Teacher bonus program
  20. Special education program and services
  21. Extensive professional development plan

Technology: Fully integrated into the classroom and used daily in all core classes as part of the curriculum rather than in a “tech lab.”

Enrollment:  No tuition. This will be a public charter school governed by the parents of enrolled students. Open to all students in the Atlanta Public School zone who will be entering grades K-5 the first year (more grades to be added in subsequent years). The only enrollment preference is given to siblings. If your child is enrolled, you are guaranteed a seat in the school for that child and any siblings.

Site and Facilities: We are currently located at 569 Martin Luther King Jr. NW, Atlanta GA 30314. The permanent home for the school will be located at 510 Fairburn Road SW, across from the old Southwest Hospital.

Governance: All meetings and policies are subject to the Georgia Open Meetings and Records Act as well as the Georgia Charter Schools Act.

Food Service: Yes
Transportation: To be arranged
Special Education: Yes
Gifted and Talented: Yes
English Language Learner program: Yes, immersion model
Curriculum aligned with Georgia Performance Standards: Yes
Longitudinal assessment plus CRCT testing: Yes
Before and after school programs: Yes