Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the tuition to attend this charter school?
There is no tuition to attend. It is a free public charter school.

2. Who can attend this school?
Atlanta Preparatory Academy is open to any student entering K-5th grade and residing within the Atlanta Public Schools district.

3. What if I reside outside of the Atlanta Public Schools district?
Currently, only APS students are eligible to attend. However, we are looking to expand our charter to include the Fulton County School district. If you are a parent of a Fulton County School District student and wish to support us in our endeavor to include this district, please click here.

4. Are uniforms required?
Yes, to help create an environment conducive to learning, students at Atlanta Preparatory Academy will be required to wear simple uniforms. This policy is designed to permit students to focus their attentions on academics and on those aspects of their personalities that are truly important.

5. Where will the school be located?
We are opening at 569 Martin Luther King Jr. NW, Atlanta GA 30314 for the 2009-2010 school year. The permanent home for the school will be located at 510 Fairburn Road SW, across from the old Southwest Hospital..

6. What day is school scheduled to start?
School is scheduled to start August 10, 2009.

7. What will the class sizes be?
Maximum class size will depend on the grade level. Kindergarten classes will have no more than 20 students. All other grades will have a maximum of 25 students. Kindergarten and first grades will also have an instructional assistant in each classroom.

8. When are you expanding to the 8th grade?
We will add one grade level every year after the first year the school is open. Therefore, we will be adding 6th grade in 2010-2011, 7th grade in 2011-2012, and finally 8th grade in 2012-2013.

9. What is the maximum enrollment for the first year?
We are aiming for about 300 students the first year. After the first year, we will expand the number of students that can attend, although based on building constraints, we will probably not be able to enroll more than 500 students.

10. I drove by the school site and didn’t see a building. Do you have a building?
We will be building a completely new facility. It will be located at 510 Fairburn Road SW, across from the old Southwest Hospital..

11. How do you handle discipline?
We aim to avoid discipline issues to begin with. Every student will be required to sign a contract with his or her parents and teacher at the beginning of the year that stipulates that the student will contribute to a positive and constructive learning environment, including not causing disruptions. Also, we have found that students are less likely to be disruptive when they are enjoying themselves, and our curriculum provides that enjoyment.

12. Are parents allowed to participate in their child’s learning experience?
We strongly encourage parental involvement at home, and every parent is required to volunteer at least 20 hours every year to the school. We will also have Paragon Nights every 5 weeks when parents can come to the school and see their students perform and demonstrate what they have learned in that 5 week period.

13. What type of volunteer activity is expected of parents?
Parents are asked to volunteer in areas that meet their skills and interests. The specific tasks will vary widely from reading to Kindergarten students, helping in the lunch room, aiding in office duties, afternoon pick up, to name a few.

14. Can I come to the school and observe my child’s class?

15. Have you hired the faculty yet?
We have hired the faculty and staff, but we are currently interviewing for a Spanish teacher position.

16. Will the school’s teachers be qualified?
Yes, we are looking for excellent teachers. If you are interested in a position, please click here.

17. Do you teach foreign language?
Yes, we begin Spanish for every student, beginning in Kindergarten.

18. My child has special needs. How do you provide for specialized services like speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, etc?
Special arrangements will be made to provide these services within the school setting pursuant to the child’s Individualized Educational Plan.

19. What makes the Atlanta Preparatory Academy different?

  • A safe environment where high student achievement is THE focus of the school
  • A rigorous educational program that combines core fundamentals with the arts
  • A special focus on reading, writing, and math
  • Paragon social studies program engages students and incorporates art, music, and dance into learning.
  • A longer school year (200 days) and longer school day
  • Foreign language, music, art, and physical education instruction for ALL students in all grade levels

20. How do you handle the standardized state tests? Are these administered as they are in the local public schools?
Students will take the CRCT test just like any other public school. We will participate in the same tests and use this data to help develop our school improvement plan to move the school to continuously higher levels of achievement. In addition, students will take a national norm-referenced test (i.e. the Iowa Test of Basic Skills) to determine academic progress during the school year.

21. Why should parents be confident that the school’s curriculum would help children excel on the state’s standardized tests?
Parents should feel confident that the school’s curriculum would help a child excel on the state standardized test because our curriculum is aligned to the state standards and benchmarks. It is also important to know that the school will use the Grade Level Content Expectations that have been put out by the state for English Language Arts and Math.

22. How does your method of instruction address the variety of learning styles?
Our proprietary curriculum (Paragon) is one of many tools used to tap into the students’ multiple intelligences. We will also use Personalized Student Achievement Plans to help clarify and focus on the attainment of specific academic and social goals.

23. What are the “Personalized Student Achievement Plans” and how are they determined?
Each student has a Personalized Student Achievement Plan (PSAP). This plan is a document that the student (if age-appropriate), parents and teacher complete. The teacher, to individualize instruction, uses all information gathered on this document. This document helps in the goal setting process as well as the collection of student data. Every quarter, the parent, teacher, and child will review this PSAP.

24. I understand that a lottery is held if “too many” students apply. How is the lottery handled? How do you ensure that it is fair?
If the number of applicants exceeds the number of spaces in a given grade, a lottery is held. Parents of prospective students will be notified as to the date of this lottery. Students’ names will be randomly selected, and if a student is chosen, his or her siblings will automatically be guaranteed a space as well. Once the slots are filled, the remaining names will be drawn and put on the waiting list in the order drawn. As spaces are made available in those grades, students will be taken from the waiting list. If there is no waiting list in any grade, students will be taken on a first-come-first-serve basis.

25. What is a typical daily schedule?
Generally, a typical daily schedule is as follows:
7:30 AM – 8:00 AM   Before school program (voluntary and fee-based)
7:45 AM   School is open to all students
8:00 AM   School day begins
8:00 AM – 11:30 AM   Core Curriculum
– Reading
– Writing Workshop
– Mathematics
– Hands-on Science
9:30 AM & 10:15 AM   Mid-morning breaks
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM   Lunch – exact time depends on section and Recess
12:45 PM – 2:15 PM   Paragon Curriculum – Integrated study of world cultures that incorporates
– History
– Geography
– Art
– Drama
– Music
2:15 PM   Afternoon break
2:15 PM – 2:50 PM   Physical Education
2:50 PM – 3:30 PM   Spanish
3:30 PM – 6:00 PMAfter-school program
3:45 PM – 4:45 PM   Afternoon tutorials (free if prescribed by the teacher)

26. Do you have a preschool?
No, currently we do not have a preschool.