Atlanta Preparatory Academy Now Open for Enrollment

As the academic school year comes to a close, Atlanta Preparatory Academy, a charter school in Atlanta, Ga., would like to invite parents to enroll their children in the school for the 2010-2011 school year.

Enrollment is now open to all students residing in the respective school district. Atlanta Preparatory Academy can accommodate students entering into kindergarten to 6th grade. It is imperative that parents submit enrollment applications for each student planning to enroll, as early as possible.

Atlanta Preparatory Academy implements a thematic, interactive program that incorporates multiple learning styles. Mornings are dedicated to building solid skills in the core subject areas of reading, writing, math and science. While the afternoons are reserved for foreign language, music, physical education and a daily 90-minute block of Atlanta Preparatory Academy’s Paragon curriculum.

The Paragon curriculum is interdisciplinary, engaging, discovery-based and multi-cultural. The hands-on approach of Paragon addresses the multiple intelligences and individual learning styles. This enhances students’ communication skills, analysis and self-expression.

Atlanta Preparatory Academy also offers an emotionally and physically safe learning environment, access to computers and technology, committed and qualified teachers and staff and encourage parental involvement. Teachers will conduct regular goal setting conferences with individual children and their parents, to ensure the student’s success.

To pre-enroll online, click here.