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How to enroll – There are 3 steps required to enroll your child. Your child’s enrollment is not complete until you have been notified by the school that s/he has been accepted for the upcoming year.

1. (Required) – Complete the online pre-enrollment form below for each child you wish to enroll. Please choose whether you would prefer the full enrollment packet to be sent to your email address or by regular mail to your mailing address.

2. (Required) – Once it is received, complete the full enrollment packet and return it to the school. If you have any questions regarding the forms in the packet, please contact the school. The sooner your packet is submitted, the sooner you will learn about your child’s acceptance based on the school’s classroom space availability and lottery procedures.

3. (Required) – Wait to hear from the school regarding your child’s enrollment status.

4. (Optional) – We encourage you to visit the school and/or attend a parent information meeting to help address any questions you may have.

If you do not have an email address please click here to create a free Gmail account

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